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Keswick Brewery supports the Foodbank with a seasonal beer!

Keswick Brewery is using an Easter themed beer to raise funds for North Lakes Foodbank which is busier than ever during the Coronavirus pandemic. The brewery was due to release Thirsty Bunny, a chocolate flavoured craft beer, in pubs and bars this Easter but the outbreak of COVID-19 put the brakes on the plan.

But rather than let the 1,000 pints of Thirsty Bunny go to waste, Keswick Brewery are releasing the beverage online in cans. All profits will be donated to the North Lakes Foodbank.

Owner Sue Jefferson said: "Thirsty Bunny has a lovely chocolatey flavour and we always brew it for Easter but Coronavirus means there is nowhere for us to sell it on draught this year. So rather than just let it go to waste, we are trying to do something positive in response to this terrible pandemic."

The beer, which is made from chocolate malt, was standing unused in a tank big enough to make 100 cases of a dozen 440ml cans. However it would only last six weeks as a cask beer.

Sue said: "We will just cover our costs and duty. All profit from Thirsty Bunny will go to the Foodbank which is desperate as people who would normally donate can't now because they are self-isolating or because they are worried about their own situation."

Adrian Cozens, Project Manager for the Foodbank said: "This is nothing short of fabulous by Sue and the brewery. The best of society comes out in a crisis. For us, food is the most important thing - and money enables us to buy it."

"Self-isolating is hitting us hard as people can't collect and many of our volunteers are 70 or over. A lot of our collection points like churches and schools are also closed so we are looking at ways to maintain the donations of food as demand increases in the coming weeks.

He said: "It will be great if people can stay at home and enjoy an Easter beer knowing they are helping us and others at this crucial time.

The beer is available for pre-order from the brewery's website: A case of 12 cans costs £32.50 with free local delivery or collection from Keswick Brewery on Brewery Lane when they are ready. Thirsty Bunny will be sold nationwide with cases delivered by courier.

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