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Supporting our community for 10 years, with compassion, love and hope since 2009.


Our centres will be closed on Good Friday (10th April) and Easter Monday (13th April).

Whitehaven is closed on a Wednesday for the foreseeable future.


In the meantime, please continue donating vital food supplies


  • 1ltr UHT Fruit Juice

  • Jam (NOT Homemade

  • 1 ltr UHT Milk

  • Sponge Pudding

  • Tinned Rice Pudding

Download and print a copy of our full shopping list or appeal poster.

Here at the North Lakes Foodbank we provide 3 days worth of emergency food supplies to people in need in the Allerdale and Copeland areas of Cumbria. We have been doing this for over 10 years!

Last year ( 2019) we helped over 6,250 people, including 2050 children. 
We also gave 14 tonnes of food to children as part of our Holiday LunchPacks 4 Kids scheme.

There are so many ways that you can help us provide this vital service:

give food

Visit one of our centres to give food or drop it off at in a supermarket collection bin


There are so many ways to work with us at North Lakes Foodbank


Pray with us for our area. Download our prayer diary here

Donate money

Donate financially directly to North Lakes Foodbank

Receiving food

If you have a Foodbank voucher, follow this link to find out what times our centres are open and where you can collect your food from.

If you need emergency food and do not yet have a voucher, follow this link to find out how to get help and receive your Foodbank voucher

LunchPacks 4 Kids


As we understand it, schools will this week (from 23rd March) be organising meals/vouchers for those children on free school meals, to ensure they still get their free lunch. Arrangements will be different for every school, and I`m sure your school will keep you informed. Your pink voucher (Lunchpacks 4 Kids) can be used from 30th March, the date that the Easter holidays would start. Please do contact us if you need further help


At North Lakes Foodbank we recognise that there are many needs in our community. Across the district of Allerdale & Copeland in Cumbria, there are many children on free school meals due to low income. However, there is no provision in school holidays for these individuals. As a foodbank we wanted to provide greater support for these families so that they would not go hungry over these periods. Since 2016, we have been partnering with Primary Schools across the district to enable access to food for these families.


How it works:
Schools identify the families who qualify (families who receive pupil premium and qualify for free school meals due to low income) and sends them a letter inviting them to apply for a ‘Lunchpack 4 Kids voucher’. We then provide schools with the vouchers to distribute to the families. The families can then come to one of our Foodbank Centres to exchange the voucher for a lunch pack(s); one bag provides lunches for up to 2 children. There is a lunch pack available to qualifying families for each week of the ‘end of term’ holidays (Christmas, Easter and summer). We are only able to feed children who qualify and are in Reception to Year 6 in primary school.


Families who qualify should receive a letter from their child’s school. If you have yet to receive a letter and you think you qualify please speak to the school. To claim a voucher, slips from the letter needs to be filled in and returned to the school by Monday 2nd March. Your school should then issue you a voucher during the week commencing Monday 23rd March.

Alternatively you can contact our Schools Worker by emailing stuart@thefoodbank.org.uk.

Information for those with vouchers:
For the upcoming Easter Holidays, vouchers can be exchanged from the week beginning Monday 30th March – locations and opening times are displayed on the reserve of the voucher

  • Each lunch pack is designed to feed up to 2 children and is for primary aged children only

  • You can collect a lunch pack each week of the holidays - 2 in total. (3 / 4 children in a family         would get 4 bags etc.)

  • Each lunch pack will also include fun activity sheets for your children to do.

  • There will also be craft activities available for children to do at our centres when you pick up        the packs.

  • Vouchers cannot be honoured once the Easter holidays are over.