School Harvest Appeal Presentation 2021

School Harvest Appeal Flyers & Posters

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School Harvest Appeal Shopping List

About North Lakes Foodbank with Harvest Appeal

Foodbank Games

Games to help children (and adults) to learn about the types of food we like people to donate and what foods items we try to avoid.

Matching Pairs
Take it in turns to try and find a pair by matching the food items. But beware, some pictures don't have a pair. Why? Because the foodbank don't want these items.

Click here to view and download the game

Food Bingo

Play the classic game of bingo covering pictures of food items that the foodbank requires and for people to donate. Click here to view and download the game.

Shopping Trolley Game

Find the correct items to fill your trolley, but don't get a wrong item as it won't fit inside the trolley.

Click here to view and download the game.

Donate Some Food Board Game

Travel around the board following the directions. Who will be the first one to the finish? Click here to view and download the game.

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Food Bingo Pic1.jpg
Shopping Trolley Game Pic.jpg
North Lakes Foodbank Single Food Parcel Sliding Puzzle.

Find out what goes inside one of our food parcels.

Click here to play (To an external website)


Crafts to make and do.

Most Wanted

A cut and stick craft.

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