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2018 Good News Stories

A young man, who has a job, was struggling to live after paying his rent and bills. He was embarrassed at having to come to Foodbank for help, but we reassured him that we were here to support people in all kinds of difficulty. He really appreciated the chat and reassurance.

A young mum with two children has visited us twice recently. As well as food parcels, we have been able to provide her with nappies and other baby essentials. She is very appreciative and manages to accommodate it all in the depths of her “double decker” buggy for the long walk home.

A long distance lorry driver lost his job through ill health having had a 'blackout'. He had been homeless and we supported him with food through that period. He has now got a house but hasn't managed to get work and has run into financial difficulties. He came to see us again and was set up with a food parcel and he was able to get advice to help him cope with his costs.

A single young woman had been living with her brother and his family. They have both been for food parcels in the past but she has now got a house of her own. She is working to set it up with all she needs but was struggling to buy food as well. She is 'nearly there' as far as getting her independence but has asked for help from our adviser for the final stage. Hopefully she won't need to see us again!

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