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All Saints' Primary School donate over 80kg of food to North Lakes Foodbank

All Saints’ CE Primary School, Cockermouth have held another fantastic Charity Day, raising over £460 for two charities - Zarach, a charity who delivers beds and basics to children in poverty and North Lakes Foodbank. The money was split between the two charities.

The school children also went the extra mile and took the money raised for North Lakes Foodbank and went shopping, turning the money into food donations for the Foodbank.

Eliana Robinson and Richard Graham, Director of the School Council at All Saints CE Primary School went shopping. They used the BanktheFood app to see what items the Foodbank was short of making sure the money raised at the Charity Day was put to best use.

Richard Graham said, "we had great fun shopping. I would ask everyone to download the App and when you are out shopping keep a look out for the North Lakes Foodbank donation points".

Jane Robinson from North Lakes Foodbank said, "we are extremely grateful for the support from All Saints’ Primary School. The Foodbank collects food donated from the local community and gives it to people who are in need. We asked the school if they could turn the money in to food and they bought 82kg of food with the money and dated it all for the Foodbank as well. Well done Eliana and Richard!"


Download the BanktheFood app today by clicking the image below to get notified when you are near a donation point for North Lakes Foodbank and updates of what we need the most each month.

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