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Lunchpacks 4 Kids Scheme - Easter 2020

As we understand it, schools will next week (from 23rd March) be organising meals/vouchers for those children on free school meals, to ensure they still get their free lunch. Arrangements will be different for every school, and I`m sure your school will keep you informed. Your pink voucher (Lunchpacks 4 Kids) can be used from 30th March, the date that the Easter holidays would start. Please do contact us if you need further help

Due to capacity (food, transportation) we have no plans to extend this scheme to include families who have children at secondary school and not at primary, or to extend the scheme beyond the holidays.

We recognise that the present coronavirus crisis, with children being sent home, that parents who depend on their children having a free meal may struggle. This is where our usual crisis service can step in to help.

If a family is in financial crisis and cannot afford food, they can obtain an orange foodbank voucher from a number of agencies – Health Visitors, midwives, Social care, Some GP surgeries, housing associations, Allerdale and Copeland housing, Citizens Advice. Foodbank staff can also signpost families to suitable support.

When a voucher has been issued, the family can take it to one of our Foodbank Centres and redeem it for a food parcel suitable for their circumstances, which will last around 3 days. A family can have up to 3 vouchers in any one crisis, thus feeding them for 9-10 days. In extenuating circumstances this can be extended

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