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Volunteers have a three course meal for under £3

Over 30 Foodbank volunteers sat down to a 3 course meal as part of North Lakes Foodbank's 10th anniversary events. The aim was to show what meals might be cooked using the items from a typical food box plus staple ingredients that our clients mi ht have at home (e.g. potatoes or bread).

The menu comprised:

Starter - salmon fishcakes or soup,

Main - Tuna risotto, corned beef hash or chickpea tagine,

Pudding - fruit crumble or rice pudding sundae.

Tea/ coffee/ chocolates

Later in the year we will be running 'more then food' demonstrations for our clients to highlight the variety of simple meals that can be cooked using the boxes of food we give out to those in need.

The total cost for three courses was just £2.74 and those attending were asked to contribute whatever they felt the meal was worth.

We will be running another event like this later in the year.

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