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Warehouse re-configuration to be able to store more food

Over the past few days the warehouse at Highfield Road has been reconfigured to provide greater storage and to allow a safer environment in which to work.

Flat pack fittings ready for assembly

Work began last Thursday and the small store room has been transformed into an area for our non-food products and an administrative area, so freeing up the whole of the warehouse space for storage and greater work area.

The small store room - transformed

The narrow shelves which stored the completed food boxes (below right) have been replaced with wider units that prevent the boxes tipping on to the floor - much safer for everyone. The pictures below show the boxes sitting on the wider shelving (below left). A new working area has been added to help with the daily box distribution tasks.

Thank you to all those that helped move/ build/ dismantle as necessary in the Thursday, Friday and Monday Teams and to everyone who managed to keep working whilst the work was on-going. The number of boxes we are required to fill each day continues to rise!

Adrian would also like to thank those on the Friday Team who helped when when things a little awry ending in a hospital visit. Staff at Cockermouth hospital were amazing.

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