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WOW! There are some fabulous people out there....

Thank you to all of you that have phoned to give your time, money or food. There really are too many of you to mention. Examples range from the proceeds of a talk given by Lord Melvin Bragg last week to a lady who came into Egremont earlier with two bags of food and wished to remain anonymous. The Provincial Benevolent Fund of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Cumberland and Westmorland has donated £5k so that we can buy food through the wholesalers to keep our food boxes stocked. Wordsworth House (National Trust) just dropped off over 200 Easter Eggs which will be distributed with our Lunchpacks 4 Kids scheme

Maryport Town Council brought in bags of Easter eggs too.

McVities has provided all the biscuits for out Kids packs (500 of them!)

Keswick Theatre's Lakeside Cafe donated all the remians of their fresh food which we've been able to distribute as did Wetherspoons (The Chief Justice of the Common Pleas).

Many stores including the Original Factory Shop in Maryport have brought food in. Morrisons at Whitehaven gave us a lot of bags for free in which we can give out the food packs.

We are truly grateful to you all for thinking of those that need to use the Foodbank at this difficult time. This is real case of the Community helping and supporting those in need within its midst.

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