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NLFB presented with Community Champion Award for 2020!

It was a very special day for North Lakes Foodbank yesterday, as we were presented with the Community Champion Award for 2020 by the Mayor of Cockermouth in recognition of our continuing work to provide support for the most vulnerable in the community. The award was collected on behalf of the foodbank by our Project Manager Adrian, and in what was an emotional ceremony, the Mayoress was moved to tears as she made the presentations.

The Community Champion Award was given in recognition not only of the work done over the past 11 years, but also the particularly difficult circumstances of operating this year throughout the coronavirus pandemic. With new safety measures in place and some necessary changes to our usual processes, our amazing staff and volunteers have had to adapt quickly to make sure those who need our support were able to access it throughout the past few challenging months. In this time we've also been able to extend our Lunchpacks4Kids scheme, helping more struggling families with children of both primary and secondary age to put food on the table, with free weekly food packs given out over the summer holidays.

The award is a proud achievement for our foodbank, which recognises the hard work of all the volunteers, management and staff in continuing to deliver an uninterrupted service for local clients and the ability to provide signposting to help people in crisis get their lives back on track. We're thankful for everyone who supports us and who enables us to provide this vital service.

During the presentations, a special award was also given to Lindsey Thomas. After being furloughed from work, Lindsey began making decorative bows to bring colour to the local community and raise money for charity. Over the past few weeks she has been creating and selling red, white and blue wreaths to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. This award recognises Lindsey's incredible contribution in supporting and bringing joy to the community.

Many thanks to Cockermouth Town Council for recognising and celebrating our work over the previous 11 years with this award. We'll continue supporting our community and helping those in crisis with compassion, love and hope.

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