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Shoppers deliver again at Supermarket collection

Yesterday at Tesco (Workington) we collected over 600kg of food. A huge thank you to all who donated and to our volunteers for turning out and doing an amazing job. This was particularly pleasing because the store had empty shelves because of people panic buying or stock piling. So several of our staple foods (pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes) were in very short supply. We are trying to consider different scenarios that may occur over the coming weeks such as schools closing for a longer Easter holiday and our ability to deliver the Lunchpacks 4 Kids scheme over a longer period for vulnerable families.

We’re still supporting people with emergency food at our centres –it’s hard for us to say how things will unfold in the coming weeks, but we will continue to provide help wherever possible and if anything changes, we’ll let you know immediately. In the meantime, please please continue donating vital food supplies.

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